FINALLY! Here's THE one-and-only checklist YOU NEED
to keep track of all the little details that go into planning a
lucrative Transformational Destination Retreat.

You're excited and ready to plan your retreat - but you KNOW there are SO many little details to keep track of - you just want to make sure you don't forget anything!

So what's a purpose-driven entrepreneur to do?!


Well you need a checklist that tells you EXACTLY what to do step-by-step starting from 12 months before your retreat until after your retreat is done.

A checklist that you can depend on over and over again - whether for yourself or your assistant - to keep you focused, organized, and making the money you should be earning for all your hard work.

Not just a checklist - but an INSIDER'S GUIDE that gives you the low-down on what you need to have in place to create a retreat that sells-out and properly protects you legally!

If you're doing retreats you can't afford to be without the Retreat Countdown Checklist and Jumpstart Guide!

Hi I’m Sheri Rosenthal and I’ve been a wanderlust entrepreneur and world traveler my entire adult life.


Sheri RosenthalI started out owning a medical practice (I was a podiatrist and director of a surgical residency program), then later I owned a Gold’s Gym (with my ex), until I finally sold everything in 1999 to find my passion and purpose.

That’s the year I started studying with don Miguel Ruiz (author of the NY Times best-selling book The Four Agreements). I ended up running his business for two years, training with him for eight years, and learning how to create and manage ALL his spiritual retreats and journeys.

That incredible experience completely changed MY life and inspired me to open my own travel agency (Journeys of the Spirit®), and coaching practice back in 2003 – and I’ve never looked back since!

Finally after 15 years of running my own retreats plus designing and co-marketing hundreds of retreats for other facilitators, I've seen EVERYTHING that can go right and wrong with these types of events and I want to help you AVOID those pitfalls that cause most coaches, authors, and facilitators to lose money on their retreats!


So that’s why I created the “The Retreat Countdown Checklist
& Jumpstart Guide” so you can:

  • Know EXACTLY what you need to do month by month to create your awesome retreat.
  • Have an organized checklist for you, your assistant or VA so you can RELAX.
  • Be aware of all the pieces you must have in place to be financially and legally protected!
  • Feel confident that you've added in everything into your pricing so you make what you deserve!

Here's what you'll learn...

...in the The Retreat Countdown Checklist & Jumpstart Guide program!

  • The key points of what it means to create a deeply transformational event that is a retreat, not just a workshop in a pretty place.
  • What you need to add into your pricing to meet or EXCEED your projected income!
  • How to further monetize your retreat for additional income.
  • What insurance, legal forms & cancellation policy you need to be legal.
  • Designing a STELLAR trip page that sells!
  • Our TOP TIPS on how to market your retreat.
  • Tracking your participants and monies the RIGHT way!
  • Why you should use a travel company to plan your international retreats.

Sheri, what am I going to receive??

Let’s take a moment to review what you’re getting:

  • Our five page Retreat Countdown Checklist!
    VALUE: $100
  • Our in-depth Jumpstart Retreat Guide PDF Manual.
    VALUE: $150
  • Our Jumpstart Bonus Video Guide (for those folks who rather watch the training)!
    VALUE: $50
  • Membership in our wonderful Facebook community group.
    VALUE: priceless

That’s a total value of $300 USD!

But  I'm offering the checklist to you
and the BONUS video training for

*The bonus video training is ONLY available for the next
three days – so don’t wait**
Mariko Hirakawa, E-RYT, B.A.M.S.

I had done retreats before, but they were isolated events in my business that took a lot of work to create and caused much stress. I wanted to have a system in place where I could ensure the success of my retreats, while turning my retreats into a seamless, profitable extension of my business.

Mariko Hirakawa, E-RYT, B.A.M.S. , Yoga-Ayurveda Expert and Author